"Side By Side"

Fire Sprinkler Burn Demo Units


Two portable 8 X 8 rooms are available for use to demonstrate flashover, fire department response time and quick response fire sprinklers.

One room is protected by a fire sprinkler and the other room is unprotected.

The rooms are similarly furnished with items that you collect or donate and fires are started either spontaneously or independently to compare the results after the fire.

There is no more dramatic way to demonstrate the devastating speed and effect of flashover.

Limited grants are available for use by department meeting the following criteria:

    Fire Prevention Week Public Education Presentation

    Demonstration before elected officials

    Fire service, building inspectors association activity.

"Side by Side"

With Sprinklers

Incipient stage fire

Control and extinguishment allows escape

Without Sprinklers

Incipient stage fire

"Flashover" = injuries, death, and displacment


**"Side by Side" Instructions**


"Side by Side" Demo Instruction Letter


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